“Thank you very kind” – Death Cab For Cutie shakes off Monday Blues at Coliseum, Singapore 2016


So the last time I watched Seattle band Death Cab for Cutie was eight years ago in Singapore, and I had the pleasure of meeting Ben Gibbard himself in the flesh. The interview was featured in celebrity magazine hot and I had also posted it on music site Mog, which unfortunately had ceased (it was such a great site!).

Forward to Monday 7th March 2016, having played in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, the four-member band comprising Ben, Nick Harmer, Jason McGerr and guest guitarist Dave Depper (or #DapperDepper as Hanger Magazine Editor puts it) gave their all, pleasing fans with their mix of favourites and new tracks from the ‘Kintsugi’ album. Also to note, with the departure of long-time friend and producer Chris Walla on stage; could Dave add a new flavour to the 19-year-old band?

Opening on the dot at 9pm after local band Take Two warmed up the stage (and what a great job they did!), screams filled the air as Ben sauntered on stage, followed by the rest, and opened with ‘No Room in Frame’ track. This led in to ‘Photobooth’, and ‘Black Sun’, which further amplified fans’ hunger for more. To satiate their love for ol’ favourites, the band kicked in ‘New Year’ and you could immediately fill the intense energy in the air – Dave even threw in some cool moves (see the GIF) that got my eyes locked on him the whole time. I also got into a conversation about him on my Instagram, commenting that the guitar pick I got was from the “hot teacher” Dave, to which the latter commented “Haha, good catch!” That was really funny. And how good does Ben look? All that running and new relationship with photographer Rachel really show him in a different light – I love it!


After ‘What Sarah Said’, Ben, whilst wiping off his sweat and hobbling in this tropical climate, quipped: “I’d declare this part to be Republic of Death Cab for Cutie and it won’t take long, just two hours”, much to the delight of fans.

I swayed, I shimmied, I got transported to a time back when everything was so free, devoid of anxiety, wants, needs, instructions, ratrace – you name it.

My favourite part of the show was when everybody was singing along to the words of ‘When Soul Meets Body’ – the words, gently echoing around for what seemed like hours..

“You guys have been a treat…” Ben echoed the same thought in my head, “no you guys are, don’t you know every song of yours are chapters to our lives, whether it’s about love, heartbreak, moving, traveling, friendship…”


Of course the band wouldn’t leave without encore, and they played crowd favourites “Passenger Seat”, ‘A Movie Script Ending’ and lastly, the one song that brought everyone from a high back to ground zero, ‘Transatlanticism’.

“I need you so much closer, I need you so much closer, I…”

It pains me to think about a love lost as this soundtrack played in my head over and over again. But that’s what the beauty of music does to you; sometimes they make a temporary therapy session whilst you conjure thoughts of a loved one, a file you stored at the back of your head that you open to remember once a while.

“So come on, so come on, so come on…”

As the music trailed, the night came to an end. Lingering on, I got my friends to the front of the stage and we managed to get some mementos to remember for a while now (look Dave’s pick!).


So Death Cab, 20 years is not too far away; perhaps we’ll see more of you soon. If you pledge to stay on, I’m sure your legion of fans would do the same too.

Great stuff Woah Fest! But perhaps posters or standees of the band would make a better indication of where the reception area is?



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