Laneway Festival Singapore 2016: The 1975, Battles, and more!


Alright, alright, I’m going to confess right here and now; the only reason why I was at Laneway was only for Brit band The 1975. I’m not going to pretend that I dig American experimental rock band Battles, nor Scottish band Chvrches, and Grimes, the teen version of Bjork.


But I really thought American singer Shamir (above) was really a breakout act to look out for, with his androgynous voice and 80s electro-pop tunes – very upbeat, very fresh, very talented.


Now back to The 1975; I first listened to them about three years ago when their single ‘Chocolate’ dropped and it was so gooey infectious and sexily dripping with beats; to the catchy ‘Ghosts’; and the heart-wrenching ‘You’. If I were to round up a playlist and name it Sex, ‘Chocolate’ would be in.


The girls LOVED them and it’s no reason why: the boys look like they were peeled off a Brit fashion magazine with that killer street swagger and with song titles like ‘Girls’, ‘Sex’, ‘The City’ and ‘Chocolate’ I think they’ve pretty much nailed the millennials’ interest.

On stage, Matt Healy and the boys served a shiny performance, almost too shiny and reminiscence of their studio album. After a while, you can catch the repetitive, safe formulaic sounds but because of Healy’s unusual and distinctive voice, coupled with the boys’ magnetic presence, you’ll get carried away and be caught up in the screaming frenzy.






A night view of the stage against the Marina Bay Sands backdrop – great venue!

Good one Laneway, but here’s to wishing a much more varied line-up next year.


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