Neon Lights 2015 at Fort Canning Green

It’s been a while since I’ve been here, and I remember the last concert was Kasabian, so that brought many lovely memories . Now that I am based here in Singapore for work, attending festivals and concerts seem to be a breeze now that I didn’t have to worry about transportation, accommodation and getting tickets. It’s true many acts opt to pit stop at this island, skipping Malaysia; and you can’t blame them for the ridiculous onset of red tapes, religious protests (oh, your faith can be shaken by a mere performance?) to poor ticket sales.

First day of Neon Lights looked like it drew thousands of fans, all there to lap up the performance by Kid Koala, Sun Kil Moon, Nouvelle Vague, Daughter, Mogwai, Chic feat. Nile Rodgers and more! I was particularly drawn to English folk band Daughter, whose hits ‘Smother’, Youth’, ‘Landfill’ merge haunting lyrics and poetic atmospheric melodies.



Scottish post-rock band Mogwai is always a delight to listen live too, playing a mixtrure of hits from their new album ‘Central Belters’ to old favourites. Which got me thinking that night, after watching a young journalist in the pit, snapping away photos of bands with her DSLR and iPhone; that a long time ago, I was that girl, doing what she did, for the entertainment magazine I loved and breathed in. And while, Stuart’s riffs filled the air, the drums beating furiously, I come to a point of realisation that this is what I truly miss about, doing what I loved and perhaps I may have more chance to do this, as time permits. So perhaps, The Girl At Concerts would be refreshed every now and then, to remind me and those out there pursuing what they love, that it’s never too late to pick things up and continue along the way.

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photos shot with an iPhone 5S

Day 2, I’m very much looking forward to songbird Rachael Yamagata (whose concerts I’ve missed twice) and watching the sad Irishman Damien Rice in the flesh again. Having watched him belt out ‘The Blower’s Daughter’, ‘Delicate’, ‘Volcano’ in that intimate concert hall (it could be Esplanade?) and being so emotionally invested in his words, emotions that I actually teared; Damien performing in the open greens would rather be an interesting take.

Neon Lights’s Schedule and map here.


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