How to get a picture with your favourite artist at a press conference in a crowded room

I have a game plan when it comes to requesting for a photo with your favourite singer or movie star. I always scour the room for the nearest exit, and how many bodyguards I would have to dodge in case they come after me. If they leave the room, even for a while, my eyes never leave them. I think in the dictionary, this would be called ‘stalking’. I know, I should behave but hey, I’m a normal girl who just loves her job and the artistes and idols she grew up listening and watching!

  1. Scour the room for the nearest exit.
  2. Stand there with your camera.
  3. When artist stands up to leave, ask for their permission to take a picture. They would say yes, their management team will say no. But the artiste always wins.

Artiste 1 – Management 0

  1. Shove camera to nearest journalist/photographer in front of you. And repay their kindness by offering to take their picture too.
  2. If press conference has yet to start, maybe you could try walking around the hallway. Chances are, like me, you’d find Jason Mraz and Tyson Ritter of The All-American Rejects.

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