Taylor Swift, Singapore Indoor Stadium, 9 February 2011

Mr. Swift, Taylor Swift’s dad backstage at Singapore Indoor Stadium, 9 February 2011

Together with the other media, we were awaiting to enter the photo it via backstage. Taylor was indeed one of the world’s biggest acts to watch: good, squeaky clean image and her recent Kanye-West -grabbed-my-MTV-moment was still fresh in everyone’s minds. I was standing beside this man when he single-handedly started distributing guitar picks, “Give it to the kids!”

I took a few, said my thank yous, looked at him and immediately I realised it can’t be it.

“Yes, I’m Taylor’s dad,’ he smiled.


I must have alarmed the backstage personnels because immediately we were all hushed to stand behind and Mr. Swift had to go.

What a swift moment.

Taylor Swift up-close


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