MTV World Stage 2009

With Tyson Ritter, lead vocalist and bass guitarist of The All-America Rejects

This was a funny story; I was lingering in the hallway awaiting/stalking for the band when I spotted Tyson coming out of the room with that kind of killer swagger that could kill a few dozen virgins at sight. Yep.

So I coolly walked up to him and asked for a picture. And right about that time, a handful of bodyguards pounced, yes, POUNCED, right in front of me, blocking my camera’s view with their hands. I stood there, in shock at the notion of 4 big-sized dudes needing to be protective over one picture. Tyson was a sweetheart, “It’s okay, it’s all good, she’s good!”

And we captured the moment.

He was probably high anyway.

With the boys of Hoobastank.

Too bad Raygun disbanded; I thought they really had a good, fun cool vibe.

Had the pleasure of interviewing Tom Meighan. I… fell in love actually. His British charm and wit won me over.  I admit, I was flirting with him the whole time.

“What  size are those shoes? Lovely blue suede colour.”

He blushed and answered ‘9’.

On the way out of the room, he held me and planted a kiss on my forehead right in front of EVERYONE, including his team, my media friends and the PR team. I couldn’t stop talking about it the next few days.


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