Jamiroquai, Sepang, 5 April 2009

Swoon, Jay Kay. How can you not love this man.

At the press conference, I remembered asking him what songs he listens to when cruising down in one of his many expensive rides… I might still have the recording somewhere. Maybe… And after the press conference, I tapped him and asked for a photo. I chuckled when I heard one of the Malay photographers uttered ‘Ahdui budak ni….’

So here’s the result. You can tell I was very pleased indeed.

I LOVED the concert. Despite the rain and muddy soil, I was totally memesmerised by his charm and dance moves. So what if the bodyguard of some rich kid kept pushing me, I danced, or rather, I stomped on the muddy soil just so some would get on them.

hot magazine Editor Mei Ann hid under her plastic raincoat half the time, bless her.


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