Incubus Press Conference at Double Tree, Hilton, 22 July 2011

The Brandon Boyd moment

Brandon Boyd: (lifts my arm) What’s that there?

Me: Yeah my tattoo (looks at Mike) Do you have any?

Mike Einziger: (smiles) No.

Me: (looks at Brandon) I know you have a couple nice ones. I got this done by a Russian artist named Kosta. He travels around the world and when he finally makes his stop in KL, I got hold of him to do this.

Brandon: It’s nice.

And for that moment, I swear our eyes were locked in unison. It was my moment… with him.

With Ben Kenney, right after our interview session. What a doll. Love this line of his:

‘I think you could just look at the things around you that you love and see that you do the right things, they will be better. Everything that you put out will come back to you one way or another. It doesn’t mean that I could act like a jerk but I could stop and smell the flowers and know that, that just happened. It sounds corny but you have those moments when you think, ‘I’m here right now’.

With Jose of Incubus, and Jean, my Entertainment Editor at our Catcha’s office party which was held at G Tower.

With Chris of Incubus and Sherelyn, Deputy Editor for 17 Magazine.

I really had a good day, that day.

I was this wide-eyed girl seeing Incubus for the first time and speaking to them up-close during Sunburst 2008, in a media tent filled with cameramen, journalists and fans who, somehow managed to duplicate the media pass to gain access into it. It was like a media circus, to be frank. But the rush from seeing them face-to-face just made my night.

Flashback, three years to today, never had I imagine I could be standing next to the boys, little alone, party with them at my company’s bash! I felt like the luckiest girl that night.

Of course I must thank the guys that made it happened: MC and Pineapple Concerts.


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